Resilient Communities, Schools, and Families Projects

Strengthening Communities and Pathways for Success In and Out of the Classroom

Our Piko

The story of the RCSF project is one of inspiration, collaboration, and collective action. 

It all started as a meeting between dedicated community partners with a common vision. We put schools and families at the center–Our Piko–and envisioned what a holistic community would look like to them. A community in which each generation is touched by an intentional web of support systems, connected by educators whose needs are also met, and administrators are inspired to create opportunities for connection beyond the classroom walls. We took action and haven’t looked back since.

Our Journey: Where We Started

Our Timelime

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Where We Are Now

Our Progress

Each school is unique and has different needs. Our Community Schools Specialists (CSC) have collectively engaged dozens of community partners to leverage existing resources, organized dozens of community events, and provided professional development trainings to educators.

Where We're Going

Our Future & Vision

Community schools focus on a holistic education, community engagement, and the personal and social development of each student.

It is our vision for community schools to expand to 25 schools – as part of RCSF or external partnerships – across the pae ʻāina by 2025. 

We deeply mahalo the following partners/funders/foundations that made our vision of Resilient Communities, Schools, and Families a reality: Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, the United States Department of Education Native Hawaiian Education Program and the Stupski Foundation. RCSF is made possible by their generous investment and continued commitment to the future of our keiki. Mahalo for dreaming with us.

Learning Together

From Our Community Schools

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